Oscar Martínez Heredia has been painting and drawing for centuries—or so it seems, from his profuse production—in a constant motion that has taken him from Xalapa to Cuernavaca to Acapulco to Oaxaca to San Diego, California, to San Miguel de Allende... He has painted, illustrated publications, experimented with comic strips... even painted sceneries for the motion picture industry. He has held numerous group and one-man shows, and has gone "big format" with a couple of murals. This vast experience touches the spectator, who is inevitably seized by the artist's vital motion. He paints circuses, dancers, jugglers, horses, musicians... He paints motion. He paints moments captured in the streets, in public places, in places where time stands still just long enough for the next moment to appear. He paints life, people, people in motion. He paints energy in motion. Ollin Yoliztli. The dynamism of the work of Oscar Martínez Heredia makes the spectator want to see it again and again; it is a multicolored kaleidoscope that changes every time the spectator peeks into it. Thus, every time we see any of the artist's paintings, we see a fleeting moment that immediately gives way to the next moment, the next perspective, the next painting on the same canvas, because the work of Martínez Heredia cannot be seen from only one angle, from only one intention; each painting is many paintings; each painting is packed with moments in ethereal motion that change with every blink of an eye.
oscar martinez heredia